biduum latinum fordhamense, oct 12 and 13


I’ll be part of the teaching staff at this year’s Biduum Latinum Fordhamense, an active Latin “bootcamp” centered around active engagement with Latin texts from the ancient, medieval, and early modern periods. The theme of this year’s Biduum is astronomy, and we’ll have Eric Ramirez-Weaver from the University of Virginia with us on Friday evening at the American Museum of Natural History to guide us through some central authors and themes.

Take a peak at the full line-up below (copied from Fordham’s site), and get in touch if you’re interested in coming along:

Classical & Medieval Astronomy: the Phaenomena, Pliny and the Presentations of the Heavens
Eric Ramirez-Weaver – University of Virginia
Co-sponsored with the Department of Classics
Friday, October 12, 6:15 pm – American Museum of Natural History, Kaufmann Theater

Biduum Latinum 2018 – De Arte Astonomica: Astronomy in Antiquity, Middle Ages, and Renaissance
Saturday, October 13, 12-5:30 PM

12-1pm:  Pliny the Elder, Historia Naturalis, Bk. II (c. 79 AD)  – Keating Hall, Room 105
1-2:15pm: Prandium (i.e. lunch)
2:15:-3:15pm: Joannes de Sacro Bosco, Tractactus de Sphaera (c. 1230) – Keating Hall, Room 114
3:15-4:15: Nicolaus Copernicus, De Revolutionibus Orbium Caelestium (1543) – Keating Hall, Room 120

4:45-5:30 PM – Missa Latina (= Latin Mass) – Spellman Hall
Celebrated by Fr. Chris Cullen, SJ (Dept. of Philosophy)

We will gather in Keating Hall Basement @ 11:45am.

Contributions to lunch are welcome
For information contact Matthew McGowan (