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I’m the Robert Belknap Core Faculty Fellow at Columbia, where I completed my Ph.D. in Classics in 2016. Broadly speaking, my research focuses on the intersection of ancient rhetoric and philosophy, and I’m currently writing a book on Quintilian and his central role in the long tradition of viewing ‘certainty’ as a matter of consensus, an understanding at odds with the modern scientific concept of the same name. In addition to this monograph, I recently co-edited Quasi Labor Intus, a volume on ambiguity in Latin literature, with Michael Fontaine (Cornell) and William Short (Exeter). Looking ahead, my next research project considers ‘deepfake’ videos in the context of ancient literary strategies of deceptive impersonation.

In my current position, I teach Contemporary Civilization, Columbia’s survey of philosophical and political thought from antiquity to the modern era, and in 2016, I received the university’s Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching. Before I began my academic career, I taught English in a public high school in Phillips County, Arkansas, through Teach for America.

My writing has also appeared in public-facing outlets such as Commonweal Magazine, Lapham’s Quarterly, and The Washington Post, and during the 2016–2017 academic year, I was the National Endowment for the Humanities/Society for Classical Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae in Munich. I’m originally from Grayling, Michigan.

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